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Hello Sunshine | Do Good Branding

Hello Sunshine

Let’s face it, we are all influenced by that big yellow fellow in the sky. Affecting how we feel, where we go and what we buy, Señor Sol can send us mad for a Magnum and silly for strawberries. Here are three brands whose sales grow with the glow of summer.

1. Magners
It is safe to say that Brits love cider. The UK has the highest per capita consumption of cider in the world. 2007 saw Magners rejuvenate the market with it’s “over ice” serving proposition and national ad campaign featuring blossoming orchards backed by the dreamy summer sound of the Zombies track “Time of the Season”. The sun shone and sales soared. Four years later the consumer boom in cider sales has slowed but our spring heatwave meant bumper trading. Let’s hope the recent ad featuring Eamon and his beard of bees can get this poor summer buzzing again.

2. Cornetto
“Just one Cornetto, Give it to me…” You know the words, and so do a sizeable number of British consumers who are more familiar with the advert’s alternative lyrics than the original Italian song “O Sole Mio”. That’s what happens when you run an ad for 10 years. The much-loved cornetto was a pretty posh ice-cream before the likes of Magnum and Häagen-Dazs stole the limelight with their thick chocolate and golden wrappers. The latest Cornetto Enigma ad campaign features a guy who shows his girlfriend his ‘soft side’ by transforming into a teddy bear. More cuddly than classic.

3. Lastminute.com
One of the few survivors from the first wave of dotcom companies, these guys win either way. If the weather is good we holiday at home filling up cottages in Cornwall and B&Bs by the sea. Equally, a bout of bad weather and there’s a surge of bookings for drier destinations. But not content with being just a travel retailer they launched a campaign which introduces the strapline ‘Stories start here’, as part of a bid to establish itself as an all-round leisure brand. The ad features vignettes that encourage the viewer to guess the story behind it. So how does the ‘pig in the lift’ story start I wonder…I’m pretty sure it doesn’t end with a happy holidaymaker.