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5 Brands That Have Cracked Christmas | Do Good Branding

5 Brands That Have Cracked Christmas

Welcome to the Christmas issue of the Do Good Review, bringing you interesting features and handy tips on all things brand-related from the friendly folk at Do Good Branding.

1. Coca Cola
Who would’ve thought HGVs would be Christmassy? After the famous “Holidays are coming” delivery truck ad was axed in 2001, an influx of calls from consumers telephoning to say that they considered it to ‘mark the beginning of Christmas’, the campaign was resurrected. Not bad for a product that in the 1920s was thought of only as a warm weather drink. Cue the icon of winter – Santa Claus himself. However, it is a common misconception that Coca-Cola was behind the red suit. Although early ad campaigns certainly helped shape Santa Claus’ modern-day image, it was American caricaturist Thomas Nast who, as early as the 1860s, immortalised the bearded, plump fellow in red we all know and love.

2. Marks & Spencer
Why is it that we can’t think about Christmas without good old Marks and Sparks springing to mind? Well, big budget integrated campaigns packed full of celebrities do tend to help. That said, the Grandad of British consumer brands did also spend a good hundred years building up a reputation as the UK’s most admired business. Now, arguably Britain’s favourite retailer, M&S is a must-visit for everything from your Christmas pud to your Christmas pants.

3. Quality Street
Why are the purple ones always the first to go? Get in quick or you’ll be left sucking on a Toffee Penny. Quality Street is synonymous with Christmas and is the “number one family share confectionery brand”. We don’t buy them all year round and then, with December upon us, our trip to the supermarket will inevitably yield the mighty 1.1kg tin of essential festive confectionary and result in the associated flavour favouring frustrations.

Hamleys Christmas
4. Hamleys
Hell on earth or holiday heaven? This 250-year-old brand certainly draws a toy-seeking crowd at Christmas, but as a year-round tourist attraction, Christmas accounts for only 25% of sales. Surprising. Even more surprising is that the top seller this year, aside from the ever-popular Hamleys Christmas Bear of course, is predicted to be a dancing rubbish truck. Hmmmm.

Disney Christmas Brand
5. Disney
Now don’t tell me a post-Christmas dinner nap doesn’t feel that little bit cosier when it is induced by the first 20 minutes of A Muppet Christmas Carol. That warm fuzzy feeling is the result of an 80-year-old brand built on family values and entertainment…or was it just the cat jumping on your lap? And Snooze…

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