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Do Good Branding make wood flooring brand enchanting | Do Good Branding

Do Good Branding helped British brand Victorian Woodworks boldly re-enter the luxury wood flooring sector with an unconventional new identity inspired by the vibrancy of the Victorian Era.

With Victorian Woodworks’ client’s including prestigous names such as Chanel, Ralph Lauren and Harrods, the new identity needed to align with this luxury peer group.

The new identity follows the theme of Enchanted Victoriana, and the fascination with the exotic that led wealthy Victorians to collect rare objects and natural wonders in curiosity cabinets. A rich, vibrant palette of purple, turquoise and orange was applied. Strong, unapologetic hues reminiscent of the fine plumage of exotic birds.

A Victorian Woodworks monogram was created in-line with the Victorian aristocracy who adopted them as a symbol of their place in society.

Supporting the logo elements is a rich paisley – a nod toward British India and the pattern that was made fashionable after being worn by a young Queen Victoria.

Inline with the rebrand, Do Good Branding renamed Victorian Woodworks’ entire product portfolio and sub-categories, some 80 products. Each category is named after an exotic collectable and referenced by a visual symbol, Monarch is part of the Jewelmark collection for instance and represented by a Butterfly icon.

Collaborating with architectural CGI specialist Foundation CGI, Do Good Branding art directed surreal brand imagery that combines elements of fantasy with aspirational interior spaces featuring Victorian Woodworks’ beautiful wood floors. A peacock sashays through a palace corridor, a leopard smashes a glass case in a grand room of curiosities.

Do Good Branding developed a new fully responsive website to showcase the extensive product portfolio, specifically designed with interior designers, specifiers and wealthy consumers in mind. Do Good Branding worked closely with Morph London to achieve an intuitive online experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

The new branding has been applied throughout the business, covering exhibition displays, stationery, delivery vehicles and the newly launched website. Their Mayfair showroom, developed by Shed Design, also opened in May of this year.

Victorian Woodworks’ website: www.victorianwoodworks.co.uk

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